No electoral vibe among NCC voters!

Ahead of the Naryanganj City Corporation (NCC) polls, though leaders from different political parties are remain active but no vibe of enthusiasm marked yet among the voters of the area.

Generally voters of local government polls are seen enthusiast about the election as they have many expectation centering it. However, open dispute between two influential leaders and bitter experience of past are being observed as reasons by the local residents as a matter of lack in festivity centring the election.

There is no open discussion or chitchatting is marked among the local residents in tea-stalls, bus-stands and ferry ghat.

Some are thinking that the feud between the two influential Awami League leaders have made the voters out of open discussion regarding the polls. Even some are claiming that the bitter experience of other city corporation polls during this Awami League regime has made apathy in Narayanganj voters to create a hype before the election. Common voters are even anxious about whether they can go the polling stations safely in the election.

Md Khokon, resident of ward number 17 of Bondor Dola area said, “I have seen in this government’s tenure …Read More


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