Bearing the slogan ‘Somoyer Proyojone’ and holding the essence of Bangla language and culture in heart, Engineer Md Ahsan Habib Lelin founded the first ever unconventional online news paper in the country—poriborton.com on July 3, 2013.

We have achieved our beloved country—Bangladesh at the cost of sea of bloods. Peoples of the country took part in the Liberation war in 1971with a hope for establishing a country of happiness, prosperity, non-discrimination and non-communalism. We gained the red-green flag through sacrificing 30 lakhs lives and immense dedication. The crimson freedom sun has risen in the evergreen horizon of the country. But the struggle is continuous to reach the country at dream-junction. An uninterrupted and fair flow of contemplation, information, opinion, discussion and criticism from the society is obvious to build the country we cherished for. Ethical, explanatory and quality journalism is an essential regarding this. poriborton.com is committed to be a part of this struggle of the nation for making the country better-living.

Carrying the values and essence of Liberation war, comprising with a team of young journalists poriborton.com have been serving realistic and standard news to it’s millions of readers in country and beyond. We publish news prioritizing ethics, novelty and maximum professionalism. Impartial and authentic news publishing are among the salient features of poriborton.com. Apart from conventional news, it has been publishing news on current affairs, discussion-seminars, documentaries, sports, trade and commerce, science and technology and others.

Immense warmth, trust and compassion from peoples have made poriborton.com a foremost media in the country. Online website of it has been formed excelling the latest technology of time. The site includes news, photos, and audio-video favoring the latest trends of multimedia journalism.

Besides, poriborton.com has set up a unique example in charity works. In each winter, it distributes warm clothes in different regions of the country by it’s charitable fund. We are building a realistic and progressive media in quest for tomorrow’s better world. In the question of morality, we are adamant; we were and would remain so.

Our objective is to serve authentic information and fair entertainment. Keeping the time and history as onlooker with us, we wish to thrive heading a glorious future. poriborton.com is the Online news portal for this country and it’s people en mass. With your valued cooperation and ideas, we dreamt of journey faraway.

Board of Directors
Chairman Kamran Shahid Mohabbat
Managing Director Engr Md Ahsan Habib Lelin
Director Maruf Jaman Koyel
Director Md Ziaul Haque
Director Md Arman Habib